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Welcome to Golf South West, the premier choice for 1 night golf breaks in the UK. Our exclusive, short golf holidays in the UK offer the perfect blend of luxury and convenience, ideal for those seeking a quick golf getaway. From the breathtaking coastlines of Cornwall to the serene landscapes of Somerset, our destinations cater to every golfer's preference.

Discover our range of overnight golf trips in the UK with our dynamic golf packages. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, our diverse selection of courses, featuring easy walking paths, full cart paths, and various handicap restrictions, ensures a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Beyond the greens, our Stay and Play packages combine luxurious accommodations with exceptional golfing opportunities. Find your ideal golfing retreat among our extensive list of resorts, perfect for those seeking an affordable one-night golf break in the UK.

For inspiration and insights into the best golfing destinations, explore our top 10 golf course blogs. These guides not only help you select your next golfing destination but also showcase the unique features of each course across various locations, including Wales, Hampshire, and the South East.

Embrace the diversity of the UK's golfing landscapes with Golf South West. Our network spans across picturesque regions, offering everything from coastal links to lush parkland courses. Learn more about these destinations on our regional pages, and let us help you plan a memorable 1 night golf break.

We're dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and bespoke golfing experiences. Contact our team of experts for personalized assistance in planning your perfect golf break. Experience the best of UK golfing with Golf South West.

3 days, 2 nights ⛳ The perfect UK break

As a tour operator dealing with predominantly domestic travellers, the 2 night golf break teamed with 2 or 3 rounds is definitely the most popular.

A great idea for a long weekend or midweek tour, 3 rounds seems to just hit the right spot for most groups.


Welcome to Golf South West, your premier destination for 1 night golf breaks across the UK. Our carefully curated escapes are perfect for those seeking a short yet fulfilling golfing experience. From the scenic landscapes of Cornwall to the charming courses of Somerset, discover a range of unique destinations that cater to every golfer's dream.

Indulge in our bespoke packages that combine luxury accommodation, exceptional golf courses, and unmatched hospitality. Each of our select locations offers its own distinctive appeal, ensuring a golf break that is both enjoyable and memorable.

Experience golf like never before with our diverse golf packages. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, our range of courses cater to all skill levels. Looking for something specific? Our innovative filtering system allows you to find the perfect golf package based on course features, location, and more.

And it's not just about golf. Our Stay and Play options combine luxury accommodation with top-notch golfing, creating a seamless and indulgent experience. Browse through our extensive list of golf resorts and find your ideal golfing retreat.

For those seeking inspiration or the best golf destinations, our Inspiration section is a treasure trove of information. Dive into our carefully curated top 10 lists of golf courses, tailored to various locations. These insightful guides not only help you choose your next golfing destination but also offer a glimpse into the unique characteristics of each course.

Our commitment at Golf South West is to ensure each of your golf breaks is not just a trip, but a memorable experience. Book your 1 night golf break today and embark on an unforgettable journey across the UK's finest golf courses.

Our extensive network spans across key regions including Wales, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and the South East, ensuring a diverse range of golfing environments. From coastal links to parkland courses, each region offers a unique golfing experience. Discover more about these destinations on our regional pages.

At Golf South West, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. If you have any queries or need assistance in planning your perfect golf break, our team of experts is always ready to help. Contact us for a tailored golfing adventure that meets all your expectations.

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General FAQs

  • Who are Golf South West?

    Founded in 2015, we are the West Country golf travel specialists. We provide our clients with bespoke golf tours and stay & play golf packages for small groups and golf societies alike.

    We are both a domestic golf tour operator working directly for our clients and regional golf DMC who act as an agent for international outbound operators hoping to have their clients experience the beautiful West Country and it’s golfing delights!

    We work closely with our venues to ensure our customers receive the best value available for golf travel within the West Country.

    Our expert team are on hand to ensure you receive the very best service, choice and advice when planning your next golf break. We are proud to announce our nomination for Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator for England at the 2022 World Golf Awards.

  • Which regions are covered by Golf South West?

    Golf South West is the West Country’s premier golf tour operator covering the regions of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Dorset, South Wales and Hampshire.

    We also work with selected, popular golf resorts across the UK including those under the management of Marriott, plus 4 time Ryder Cup host The Belfry, Celtic Manor and many more.

    If you are planning a golf break, we are the only call you need to make.

  • What is the best way to get in touch?

    We are available by phone 0117 256 5966 (Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm), WhatsApp, email, enquiry form or via social media channels.

  • Why choose Golf South West as your tour operator?

    GSW is run by golfers and endorsed by golf professionals across the South West of the UK.

    We are a fully insured, experienced and recommended golf tour operator, who are backed by Protected Trust Services, meaning your booking is secured and safe. We offer tours to an exclusive and unrivalled selection of venues across the South West of England and Wales, including some courses which can be tricky to access. We are also proud members of Golf Tourism England and IAGTO, who only work with only the best and most reputable companies in the industry.

    You can rest assured that as a client of Golf South West you will not only receive the best service, advice and choice, but you will also find the best value golf breaks in available in Cornwall, Devon, Bristol, Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and many more!

  • What is Protected Trust Services?

    Protected Trust Services Limited (PTS) provides security for client and consumer funds through market-leading software and innovative management. PTS prides itself on customer service, flexible thinking and cost-effective solutions for its members.

    PTS offers a unique and comprehensive solution for businesses to trade through a secure trust account using a performance-enhancing software system developed by PTS.

    Protected Trust Services guarantee 100% financial protection to the consumer, ensuring total consumer confidence.

    Any bookings made via Golf South West Ltd from the 1st July 2021 are protected under the PTS Trust. Bookings made before this date will continue to be processed through our original system. If you have booked with us before, please ensure you have the up-to-date bank details to make your payments. If you are unsure, please speak to your Golf South West representative.

    View the PTS brochure for more information on the protection this affords you as a client of Golf South West.

  • How do GSW keep money safe?

    We are extremely proud of the service we provide and a large part of this is ensuring our client’s money is safe. Our practices comply with the 2018 package travel directive meaning that your money is safe with both ourselves and the venues your choose to visit.

    The money for your golf break is paid into a trust account run by an independent partner, so you have peace of mind that no matter what happens, your money is being looked after.

  • What happens if we can’t go on our planned trip?

    Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable to a new date or break. We aim to be as flexible as possible and will treat each situation on a case by case basis.

  • Can we make changes to our break?

    Managing a group can be a thankless task and changes to the group leading up to your break are an accepted element. We make changes as stress free as possible (just see our reviews for evidence of this!). Changes can be made up to 6 weeks prior to your break. Some changes are unavoidable so for legitimate reasons we will endeavour to make last minute changes after this period, but as we would have paid our venues at this point, this would be at the discretion of the venue(s) you are visiting.

  • Why book with a tour operator?

    Good question, could you not do this all yourself? The answer is yes you could. You are able to locate the ideal hotel with the accessibility you need to the clubs you plan to play. You could go back and forth with your target venues and line up the tee times.  You could also contact each venue individually to advise them of group number changes and requests during the build up to your trip.

    Alternatively you could;

    – Talk to us about the trip you are planning.

    – Receive quotes for perfectly crafted package meeting your ideal requirements.

    – Secure the booking with small deposits staged in a way to make your life easier as an organiser.

    – Have your funds fully insured and independently held by PTS, our client trust provider.

    – Have changes made to whole tours with just one call or email.

    – Receive exclusive extras such as free places.

    – Pay less with our packages than going direct to venues.

    Why can we do this?

    Quite simply we have spent years (since 2015) forging strong relationships with hotel, golf club and golf resort venues across the South West. We are the expert tour operator for the region and are know for our high quality and personal service to our clients (just see our Google and TrustPilot reviews).

  • Who uses Golf South West?

    The majority of our clients are UK based domestic travellers. We deal with groups of any size, from single travellers and couples, to large golf societies.

    We also are the favoured golf DMC for the South West of England and preferred regional partner of Golf Tourism England. We regularly work with tour operators from Europe, America and elsewhere to provide bespoke tour packages allowing overseas travellers to experience the beautiful West Country.

  • How are package prices displayed on our website?

    Prices on our our website are displayed in two ways. The first is on our Resort pages where pricing tables show the from prices for low, mid and high season golf stay and play package rates at golf resort venues.

    The second is on our example tour package pages. There are often 4 prices shown here, two for low season and two for high season. The struck through price typically shows the highest price the tour can be and is often active over weekends in that season. The offer price is typically a mid week price.

    Every tour quote we offer is bespoke and will vary based on a number of factors including the date, availability, group size, room type, time of day for the tee time, etc… Our package pricing is a guide to the cost of the package and is not a firm price. Please enquire for an exact cost.

    We aim to provide as accurate a price as possible and therefore try to avoid using shoulder/mid season pricing or twilight green fee rates when displaying rates. You may find an intermediate price for breaks in months of April & October at certain venues.

  • Why are golf resort prices the same as elsewhere?

    Put simply, all tour operators work from the same contracted rate card when it comes to stay and play golf resort packages. When it comes to golf tours, that is a different matter, but golf resorts are a level playing field.

    If you find a vastly different price, it’s likely you’ve been misquoted and usually this does come back to bite.

    The question this poses is why book a stay and play golf break with Golf South West if you can book direct or with one of the large operators and receive the same price?

    Benjamin Franklin once said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after
    the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

    We have a small team so booking through us means you receive a personal service. You are more than just a number to us, we are a tour operator where you will likely get to deal with the same contact throughout the process, who will get to know you and your group and respond efficiently to your queries.

    We know our venues and the people who work there. This ensures a smooth process from initial enquiry to the end of your stay.

    Financially you have an extra layer of protection as your money is securely stored in an independent trust account and is fully insured when it is released to the venue(s) you are visiting.

    We are fortunate to have some exclusive “extras” with selected venues across the South West. We offer 1 in 16 free on every trip AND run an exclusive voucher scheme for our stay and play client bookings.

    We often feel we add further value to our clients when it comes to our bespoke golf tour packages, but you can rest assured that when making a stay and play golf resort booking, Golf South West will offer you an extremely high level of service, financial protection and may even offer you a saving or an exclusive extra!

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