The Top 10 Golf Courses in Swansea & The Gower

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City, sea, cliffs and top courses

As one of the leading golf tour operators in South Wales, we at Golf South West felt it our duty to guide you through the top courses in Swansea, The Gower and surrounding areas.

We have to draw the geographical line somewhere so for this guide we are focusing on courses with an "SA" postcode. If you wanted to view additional courses a little further afield, we recommend hoping over to our Cardiff blog and all encompassing South Wales blog after you've finished this one!

your expert guide to the most coveted greens of the area. From the legendary links to the serene parkland courses, our curated list of the top 10 golf courses promises a journey through the best that Swansea has to offer.

Whether you're aiming to conquer the challenging fairways of the Pennard Golf Club, immerse in the coastal tranquility of Langland Bay, or revel in the modern design of Machynys Peninsula, each course has its own allure. And for those who appreciate a full golfing experience, the exclusive on-site accommodation at Clyne Golf Club offers a stay just a stone's throw from the tee.

Join us as we unveil the gems of Swansea's golfing crown, where every hole is a new challenge and every course a cherished memory in the making.


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10. Gower Golf Club

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In at 10, the Gower Golf Club, renowned for its commendable course design by Donald Steel, provides an engaging 18-hole par 71 challenge set against the Gower Peninsula's countryside. Since its opening in the 1990s, the club has earned a reputation for its thoughtful integration with the landscape, offering a course that's as natural as it is testing.

Accommodation at the club features comfortable 4-star rooms with private access, complementing your golfing itinerary. The venue is an ideal choice for golf enthusiasts looking to enjoy a serene retreat with the convenience of nearby Swansea and the M4.

With a course that unfolds amidst rolling hills and features a distinctive woodland sequence at its 'Amen Corner,' Gower Golf Club stands as a testament to Steel's design philosophy, marrying the landscape's inherent challenges with fair play. The greens, built to USGA standards, promise a reliable experience throughout the year.

For a golfing experience that balances test and tranquillity, Gower Golf Club awaits.

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9. Neath Golf Club

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Since it's inception in 1934, Neath Golf Club has evolved into a distinguished heathland course, a brainchild of the legendary James Braid. Situated on the former Gellia Farm, just north of Neath town, this 18-hole, par 72 course spans a diverse landscape of meadowland and moorland, elevated 700 feet above sea level.

Braid, a name synonymous with golf course design, crafted Neath with a keen eye for the natural contours of the Welsh countryside. His work here is celebrated for blending the course seamlessly with its surroundings, offering expansive views of the Neath and Dulais valleys stretching to the Brecon Beacons. The course's layout is both a visual delight and a golfer's challenge, changing direction regularly to use the wind as a strategic element.

The course's signature hole, "Pulpit," is a testament to Braid's design philosophy. This 391-yard par 4 15th hole, set high on a rocky elevation, offers a dramatic tee shot into the sky, with the fairway lying 80 feet below. It's a hole that exemplifies the exhilarating experience of playing at Neath.

Updated by former Ryder Cup player and captain Brian Huggett MBE, Neath's course maintains its original Braid charm while offering modern challenges. The course’s heathland character is marked by heather, gorse, dry stone walls, and undulating greens that demand strategic play and precision.

With its firm fairways and greens, Neath is a paradise for golfers seeking a course that tests every skill. The course’s record, set by Daniel Davies in 2013 with a score of 64, speaks to the challenge and allure it continues to hold.

Neath Golf Club is more than a golfing venue; it's a journey through golfing history, set against the dramatic backdrop of South Wales' mountains and coastline. It stands as a pinnacle of heathland golf in the region, offering a unique experience distinct from the seaside courses of Swansea.


8. Swansea Bay Golf Club

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Swansea Bay Golf Club, celebrated as the oldest club in the Swansea area, was founded in 1892 and has since become a cornerstone of golf in West Glamorgan. Originally located elsewhere, the club moved to its current site, where in 1899, club professional W.H. Booth initially laid out eighteen holes. By 1907, James Braid, renowned for his contributions to golf course design, re-envisioned the course, adding nine new holes and expanding it to 5,687 yards.

This course has undergone several transformations since Braid's time, most notably when the A483 divided it in the mid-1950s. These changes have altered the course's structure, but Braid's underlying vision remains visible in parts of the course today.

Located just off junction 42 of the M4 motorway, Swansea Bay Golf Club offers a blend of parkland and links golf. The course starts with five holes of gentle parkland golf before transitioning to a more rugged duneland setting. The standout section lies between holes eight and eleven, where players encounter four exceptional links holes. The eighth hole, in particular, is lauded for its championship course quality, while the tenth and eleventh boast superb green complexes.

Despite the industrial backdrop and proximity to the motorway, Swansea Bay Golf Club retains a charm that's been attracting golfers for over a century. The course, with its blend of tree-lined and rippling fairways, poses a thought-provoking challenge. The 14th hole, a bunkerless par five, is particularly noteworthy, offering a scenic climb and play along higher ground.

The greens at Swansea Bay are renowned for their impeccable quality, contributing significantly to the course's overall appeal. The clubhouse, a prominent feature since 1902, offers stunning views over the final green from its balcony, making it an ideal spot to unwind after a round.

Swansea Bay Golf Club, with its rich history and unique course layout, remains a must-visit for golf enthusiasts. It's a course where every round is a journey through the history of golf, set against the beautiful backdrop of South Wales.


7. Cardigan Golf Club

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Cardigan Golf Club, nestled high on a hill overlooking the Teifi Estuary at Gwbert, is one of Wales's most remarkable yet understated courses. Celebrating over a century of golfing history since its centenary in 1995, the club has evolved from its beginnings as the Cliff Hotel Links, a 9-hole course, into a prestigious 18-hole championship course designed by Fred W. Hawtree in the 1970s.

Today, Cardigan Golf Club stretches nearly 6,700 yards, offering a par 72 course that masterfully combines elements of meadowland, cliff-top, and links golf. The presence of gorse across the course adds to its unique challenge and beauty, particularly in spring and early summer when the course is ablaze with the vibrant colors of gorse and bluebells.

Famous for its panoramic views, the course showcases the best of Welsh scenery, from Cardigan Bay to the Preseli Hills, and on clear days, as far as Bardsey Island and the Lleyn Peninsula. The course's signature hole, a demanding par three measuring 195 yards from the medal boxes, is a highlight for many golfers. It features an elevated tee with breathtaking views across the Teifi Estuary to Poppit Beach, requiring a precise shot to navigate bunkers on both sides of a receptive green.

The layout of Cardigan Golf Club provides a rigorous test for golfers of all levels, with undulating fairways, boldly contoured greens, and strategically placed bunkers. Its reputation as a fine championship course is underscored by hosting Welsh Golfing Union championships and international matches.

Furman Bisher, a revered American sports columnist, once likened the view from Cardigan's course to some of the finest in golf, comparing it favorably to the likes of Pebble Beach. This endorsement has only added to the club's allure, attracting golfers worldwide seeking the unique blend of challenge and beauty that Cardigan offers.

Cardigan Golf Club is not just about golf; it's about the experience – from the stunning vistas at every turn to the welcoming atmosphere that greets every visitor. It's a course where golfing tradition and natural beauty coalesce, making every round a memorable journey.


6. Clyne Golf Club

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Clyne Golf Club, a majestic moorland course at the entrance to the Gower Peninsula, commands spectacular views in every direction. Founded in 1920 as a limited company, the club celebrated its Centenary Year in 2021, marking over a hundred years of golfing heritage. The course, originally laid out by Harry Colt and Harries, stands as a testament to their architectural brilliance, with its design remaining largely unchanged over the years.

Located on Clyne Common, 300-400 feet above sea level, the course offers a challenging test of golf, spanning 6,323 yards with a par of 70 and an SSS of 72. Its moorland turf, evolving over the years through fertilization, presents a variety of natural hazards, including bunkers, gorse, bracken, and strategically placed trees. The expansive greens are consistently in excellent condition, offering a true test to golfers of all handicaps.

The layout features two loops of nine holes in a figure-8 pattern, minimizing crossing and congestion. The course's proximity to the clubhouse for the 1st and 10th tees and the 9th and 18th greens adds to its convenience and charm. The course is also distinguished by its listing in Peter Alliss's "The 200 Best Golf Courses in the British Isles," and its first professional, Percy Alliss, further adds to its rich history.

Clyne boasts panoramic views of Swansea to the east, the Bristol Channel and Mumbles to the south, the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons to the north, and Gower's Cefn Bryn to the west. These vistas, combined with the course's strategic design and moorland charm, make Clyne a standout golfing destination.

The club's dedication to golf is evident in its hosting of prestigious championships, including the Welsh Team Handicap Qualifier and the Glamorgan County Junior Championship. The signature hole of the course, a challenging par three with breathtaking views across the Teifi Estuary, is a highlight for many golfers.

Clyne's 4-star B&B accommodation, Somerfield Lodge, offers ensuite twin rooms adjacent to the clubhouse, providing an ideal stay for golfers. The lodge, awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence since 2013, complements the golfing experience with its convenience and comfort.

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5. Tenby Golf Club

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Tenby Golf Club, proudly known as the birthplace of golf in Wales, is a historic gem set among the rolling green terrain and wild dunes of the country's idyllic south-west coast. Established in 1888, Tenby Golf Club is the oldest in Wales and has been a cornerstone of the Welsh golfing scene since its inception.

The course is set close to the medieval walled town of Tenby, offering stunning sea views over Carmarthen Bay and the nearby monastic island of Caldey. The club's origins as a 9-hole course have blossomed into an 18-hole links course, which has been extended over the years, most notably by James Braid in 1907. Today, Tenby Golf Club measures slightly over 6,500 yards, with a par of 72 for men and 75 for ladies, challenging golfers with its tight fairways, fast-running greens, and rugged dunes.

Tenby Golf Club is celebrated for its classic links layout, providing a test of golf that is both fair and demanding. Regularly chosen to host national championships, the club is known for its all-year-round playability, thanks to superb natural drainage and its greens, which are among the finest and truest in the country. The course is also famous for its memorable early holes, particularly challenging when played into the prevailing south-westerly winds.

The course's layout, designed by James Braid, remains true to its original character, featuring undulating dunes, tight fairways, and strategically placed bunkers. The terrain here is very traditionally links in style, built through towering dunes with very undulating greens. This makes Tenby not just a test of golfing skill but also a journey through the history and evolution of the game.

Tenby Golf Club is also renowned for its friendly atmosphere and excellent home-cooked food. The clubhouse, old-fashioned yet charming, offers a warm Welsh welcome to all visitors. Facilities include a snooker room, a well-stocked pro shop, and a Teaching Academy, ensuring that every aspect of your golfing experience is catered for.

For those wishing to extend their stay, Tenby offers on-site accommodation in the form of its 3-star Dormy House, featuring twin-bedded en-suite rooms with modern amenities and views over the course and driving range. The club's location, just half a mile from the center of Tenby, provides easy access to the region's rich history and beautiful coastal scenery.

Tenby Golf Club stands as a testament to the enduring charm of traditional links golf. With its picturesque setting, challenging course, and welcoming atmosphere, it offers an unforgettable golfing experience that combines the best of Welsh heritage and natural beauty.


4. Langland Bay Golf Club

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Nestled atop the cliffs of the Gower Peninsula, Langland Bay Golf Club is a stunning example of nature's synergy with the game of golf. Since its inception in 1904, this 18-hole, par 70 course, masterfully designed by James Braid, has captivated golfers with its breathtaking views and challenging layout.

Perched above the golden sands of the peninsula, Langland Bay offers a panoramic golfing experience with sweeping vistas of the Bristol Channel and the distant Brecon Beacons. Each hole is backed by an ever-changing, yet consistently stunning, backdrop that enhances the golfing journey. The course, measuring over 6,000 yards, is a testament to the natural beauty and golfing heritage of Wales.

The course at Langland Bay weaves through a landscape of lush meadowland and dramatic clifftops, showcasing the scenic beauty of the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Golfers face a course that demands strategic play, with compact greens that challenge even the most skilled players. The influence of coastal winds adds an unpredictable element, making each round a unique test of skill.

Langland Bay's signature hole, the par-4 sixth, is a masterpiece of golf design, embodying the challenges and beauty of the course. With undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and small, fast greens, the course offers a diverse golfing experience. The par-three holes, especially the cliff-top 16th, named "Death or Glory," are highlights, providing thrilling challenges against the stunning coastal backdrop.

The clubhouse at Langland Bay is known for its welcoming atmosphere and exceptional views. Here, golfers can unwind and relive their round, basking in the ambiance of one of Wales' most cherished golf clubs. Despite its prestigious history, the club maintains a relaxed and friendly environment, welcoming golfers of all levels.

Langland Bay Golf Club stands as a jewel in Welsh golf, combining the natural beauty of the Gower Peninsula with a rich golfing legacy. It's a destination that promises every golfer an unforgettable experience, blending tradition, scenic beauty, and golfing excellence in a way that only Langland Bay can offer.

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3. Ashburnham Golf Club

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Ranked 3rd in our list of the Top 10 Courses in Swansea, Ashburnham Golf Club is a venerable links course with a storied history. Founded in 1894 near the Burry Estuary, it's not only one of Wales' oldest courses but also one of its most revered.

The course, extending over 7,000 yards, is a testament to traditional links golf, set amidst the stunning scenery of Carmarthen Bay. It's renowned for hosting prestigious championships, including the British PGA Championships, and has challenged golf legends like Bernard Gallacher and Sam Torrance.

Ashburnham's layout, crafted by famous architects like J.H. Taylor and Ken Cotton, offers a true test of golf. It starts with a unique downhill par-three and includes a series of challenging holes running along the coast. Known for its strategic design and wind-swept fairways, each round here is as demanding as it is scenic.

The club's welcoming atmosphere and historic clubhouse make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. After a challenging round, the clubhouse is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the views of the rugged Welsh coastline.

Ashburnham Golf Club is not just a course; it's a slice of golfing history, offering a challenging links experience alongside breathtaking views of the South Welsh coast. A round at Ashburnham is more than a game - it's an encounter with the heart and soul of Welsh golf.


2. Machynys Peninsula Golf Club

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Ranking 2nd in our top 10 courses in Swansea, Machynys Peninsula Golf Club stands as a testament to contemporary golfing excellence. Opened in 2005, this Jack Nicklaus-designed course has quickly risen to prominence as a premier golf destination in South Wales.

Set against the scenic backdrop of Carmarthen Bay and the Gower Peninsula, Machynys Peninsula is a modern links masterpiece, masterfully blending the natural landscape with a championship-level challenge. With a course length of over 7,000 yards, it offers a variety of teeing areas per hole, catering to golfers of all skill levels.

The course has earned a reputation for its exceptional design and condition, with 25 acres of new lakes and extensive landscaping that ensure year-round playability. Its unique layout includes a mix of parkland and links-style holes, providing a diverse and memorable golfing experience.

Machynys Peninsula is not just about golf; it's a holistic leisure destination. The clubhouse, home to Fredricks Restaurant, offers gourmet dining with stunning views of the course. For those seeking relaxation, Monks Premier Spa and Health Club at the club provides a range of wellness services.

This golf club has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including the Senior Open Qualifying and R&A Women's and Men's Home Internationals, proving its mettle as a championship venue. Whether it's the strategic challenge of the 16th hole or the breathtaking views from every corner, Machynys Peninsula offers a golfing journey that is both challenging and visually stunning.

Machynys Peninsula Golf Club is more than a golf course; it's a destination where exceptional golf meets unmatched natural beauty. A visit here is not just a round of golf; it's an experience that embodies the best of modern golf in Wales.

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1. Pennard Golf Club

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So to our top spot...

Acclaimed as "The Links in the Sky," is a crowning jewel in Welsh golf, meriting its top spot in our list of the finest golf courses in Swansea. Founded in 1896 amidst the historic Pennard Burrows, the club's evolution is intrinsically linked with the Kilvrough Estate, reflecting a heritage rich in tradition and golfing excellence.

From its inception as an exclusive establishment with limited membership, Pennard Golf Club has evolved into a thriving private members' club. Its journey from selectivity to a more inclusive ethos while maintaining high standards is emblematic of its adaptability and commitment to the spirit of golf.

Pennard's location, perched atop the Gower coastline, offers breathtaking panoramic views. The unique setting atop cliffs 200 feet above sea level makes Pennard a truly distinct golfing destination. Here, golfers enjoy not only the challenging links course but also the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The course design, a collaborative effort of James Braid and C.K. Cotton, weaves through the natural humps, hillocks, and hollows of the land, offering a golfing experience that is both challenging and visually captivating. The ruins of a 12th-century Norman Castle and the presence of grazing cattle add to the course's unique character and historical charm.

Pennard Golf Club is not just about golf; it's a sanctuary where history, nature, and golf converge. The clubhouse, with its welcoming atmosphere and quality amenities, ensures a memorable experience for members and visitors alike. Whether enjoying a round of golf or relaxing in the clubhouse with views of Three Cliffs Bay, Pennard is a destination where the essence of Welsh golf is celebrated in every aspect and rightfully holds the title as top course in Swansea and the surrounding regions!


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