Tips on Packing for Your Golf Holiday

When packing for your golf trip or holiday, you do not want to omit any important equipment. However, you should take into consideration the size of your luggage and the extra payment that you may have to cover if your luggage is too heavy, especially if you are travelling by air.

The secret to avoiding this? Learn to pack economically. We have provided some tips that will help you make the most out of your limited luggage space.

1. Do not bring too much hold luggage.

The only hold luggage that you should have is your travel bag. All the essentials for the trip should be placed inside your travel bag and the valuables in your hand luggage.

2. Maximise the available space

When packing your travel bag, remember that all space is important. If you have three shoe pockets but will only be bringing two pairs use the other pocket for items that will fit or can be scrunched, like socks, nightwear or gloves.

3. Check the allowable weight allowance

When going on any trip, make sure that you check your airline’s permitted weight allowance. For travellers with golf equipment and bags, budget airlines allow 20kg, while other airlines allow 23kg. Generally, golf bags weigh around 12kg leaving you with a few kilograms to spare.

4. Don’t mind scrunched-up clothing

Items such as seersucker clothing and jackets can be scrunched up to make sure that they fit inside your luggage.

5. Go light

When packing for your golfing holiday write a checklist of items required. When looking a second time you often find there are items not necessary.

6. Choose clothes that you can wear on or off the golf course

If you need to pack economically, be clever in choosing the items of clothing that you will be bringing. Pack clothes that you can wear, not only for the golf course but for socialising too. Instead of needing different clothes for various purposes, you can use one shirt for various occasions.

7. Check the weather forecast

Before packing, check the weather forecast. If it’s going to rain pack the relevant waterproof clothes required, but remember the space limitations.

8. Use your shoes as additional storage

Did you know that you can use your shoes as additional storage for small items? Items like socks, undergarments and ties can be easily stored in your shoes.

9. Use clothes to wrap items

If you plan on buying items from your golf trip, you can use a bubble wrap or your clothes as cushioning so you can pack light even with purchases when returning home. You can also be assured that the items will not get damaged inside your golf travel bag if you make soft clothes as padding.

These are just some of the tips to help you pack for your next golf holiday. Keep in mind that travelling light does not mean travelling without the items you require. You have to ensure that you will have everything that you’ll need for your golf break.

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  • Who are Golf South West?

    Founded in 2015, Golf South West are the West Country golf travel specialists. We provide our clients with bespoke golf tours and stay & play golf packages for small groups and golf societies alike.

    Here at Golf South West, we work closely with our venues to ensure our customers receive the best value available for golf travel within the West Country.

    Our expert team are on hand to ensure you receive the very best service, choice and advice when planning your next golf break.

  • What regions are covered by Golf South West?

    Golf South West is the West Country’s premier golf tour operator covering the regions of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol and Dorset.

    We also work with selected, popular golf resorts across the UK including those under the management of Marriott, plus 4 time Ryder Cup host The Belfry, Celtic Manor and many more.

    If you are planning a golf break, we are the only call you need to make.

  • What is the best way to get in touch?

    We are available by phone (Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm), email, enquiry form or via social media channels.

  • Why choose Golf South West as your tour operator?

    Golf South West is run by golfers and endorsed by golf professionals across the South West of the UK.

    We are a fully insured, experienced and recommended golf tour operator, who are backed by Protected Trust Services, meaning your booking is secured and safe. We offer tours to an exclusive and unrivalled selection of venues across the South West of England and Wales, including some courses which can be tricky to access. We are also proud members of Golf Tourism England and IAGTO, who only work with only the best and most reputable companies in the industry.

    You can rest assured that as a client of Golf South West you will not only receive the best service, advice and choice, but you will also find the best value golf breaks in available in Cornwall, Devon, Bristol, Dorset, Somerset and many more!

  • What is Protected Trust Services?

    Protected Trust Services Limited (PTS) provides security for client and consumer funds through market-leading software and innovative management. PTS prides itself on customer service, flexible thinking and cost-effective solutions for its members.

    PTS offers a unique and comprehensive solution for businesses to trade through a secure trust account using a performance-enhancing software system developed by PTS.

    Protected Trust Services guarantee 100% financial protection to the consumer, ensuring total consumer confidence.

    Any bookings made via Golf South West Ltd from the 1st July 2021 are protected under the PTS Trust. Bookings made before this date will continue to be processed through our original system. If you have booked with us before, please ensure you have the up-to-date bank details to make your payments. If you are unsure, please speak to your Golf South West representative.

    View the PTS brochure for more information on the protection this affords you as a client of Golf South West.

  • How do GSW keep money safe?

    Golf South West is extremely proud of the service we provide and a large part of this is ensuring our client’s money is safe. Our practices comply with the 2018 package travel directive meaning that your money is safe with both ourselves and the venues your choose to visit.

    The money for your golf break is paid into a trust account run by an independent partner, so you have peace of mind that no matter what happens, your money is being looked after.

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